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So, if you don't know yet (and if you don't, you probably don't have actual something in common with me *BAF*) the new (and first) Transformers teaser is out and totally kicks ass. TOTALLY. I'm not doing a frame by frame review because there are so much thing I've noticed (and more I haven't) but I couldn't help myself by doing some icons. Mostly Sam, of course, but also Mikaela (who, I have to admit, is very pretty >.<)

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Well well well, I'm such a lazy person, I know. I was on holiday for two weeks until yesterday and I didn't post anything to my LJ (and I've done stuff, that's a fact). But what do you want ? I was certainly too busy going watching TV shows and films (too many, maybe...). Anyway, a friend of mine ( lapetitekelly</lj> ) asked me to do a stupid test (just like I love them :p) so here I am.


1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie.

*err... I'm in total stress 'cause I listen to things that only make me laugh and... just forgive me in advance. please.*

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Potus 111.

Okay. Eagle Eye is out in the whole world (except France, of course >.<) since wednesday. And I saw it twice before this date. Yeah. And the French version sucks (except that for the first time, Shia's character has an adult voice...).
To celebrate the movie (and test a brand new coloring), I decided to make some icons with the Premiere pictures of the movie. In fact, the 'some' turns out to be 'a lot'. Of course, it's mostly about Shia.


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Welcome to the Eagle Eye

Yep, me again (^.^) with a new layout (base taken from milou_veronica ). It was a torture to chose the EE pic I loved the most and I finally picked a one with both 'heroes'. Because they're worth it =)
Don't hesitate to give your opinion on it.
I'll post new artworks soon, even if I'm kinda lazy those days.
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Alright. Remember my last post, when I said that waiting for october was too hard ? Well, it seems that it was.
Except that I haven't waited that long because I've already seen the 2nd movie I waited the most this year. Yes, guys, I said it. I HAVE SEEN EAGLE EYE.
I know, I can't tell anything because I'm certainly one of the thousand people who have seen it - and this is cruelly difficult and painful, I swear XD - and I won't to keep the surprise (and I was really surprised). One hour and fifty-eight minutes. Still not long enough... or it is. Action, runaway, explosions, gun shots, so noisy and stressing ! But in a good way.
I stop talking about it to avoid some spoilers (oh Gosh, I do want to tell some scenes I've loved >.>). But I can't publish this post without saying a word on Shia's performance. He is so amazing, talented, handsome, charismatic,... HE'S JUST PERFECT. He made me cry after two scenes (and I'm not of the crying type), he made me smile, he made me nervous, etc. And he plays twins, what a bonus XD
Also, I have to say that Michelle Monaghan is incredible as a single mother totally lost but determined. Michelle is a really good actress and makes a wonderful pair with Shia (they got a couple of funny scenes pretty cool).

I don't think I've something else to add without spoiling so this pathetic "review" is over ; sorry for my english (I doubt that studying the language helps me a lot XD) and I hope you'll go numerous in your theatre to see this movie (tomorrow for the American lucky guys, the 1st of October for some others and the 24th of December for the French (gosh I hate my country just for that >.<))

Despite this, I feel exhausted (I went back to university last week) and I don't want to go to work on Saturday. I'm sick and my life sucks. Yeah. But - thanks God - there are still movies, music and books. And Shia LaBeouf.

One more thing : does anyone here know Gavin Mikhail ? He's f*cking awesome and I love his songs !